Party Games for Girls

Party Games for GirlsIn this post we are going to take a quick look at party games that you can play with girls.

Below are just a few of the activities that we like to do at our parties. If you are booking a party with us then you do not need to read this post because we will take care of all the party games for you.

If you have any party game ideas you would like to share with us please contact us via the forma t the bottom of the page

Dancing & Singing Competitions

Dancing and singing based competitions always go down well at girls parties. Try loading up some of their favorite music and award prizes to the girls who have danced the best. A fun twist on the dancing competition is to also get the girls to do their very worst dances and again award a prize to the person with the most silly dance style.

The same can be done with singing competitions with prizes awarded for the best / worst singers. Ideally you will need a karaoke machine or a computer console with singstar or something similar for the singing competitions.

Princess Treasure Hunt

princess treasure hunt is a nice way to start your party. Buy each girl a gift such as a tiara or something that fits in with the theme of your party. Hide the girls around your party venue and set the girls off on a treasure hunt to each find their gift. You can aid the guests by placing hand hints at various points. The great thing about this game is that you do not need to award prizes to the winners as every girl will receive their “treasure”.

Musical tiaras

Once the girls have found their tiaras you can play Musical Tiaras. This party game requires at least one tiara / hat for each child playing. Get the children sitting in a circle each with a tiara on their head. Start your party music and get the children to pass their tiara to the person next to them.  When the music stops any child without a tiara is out of the game. On the first go every child will have a tiara. After this take away one hat each time until you are left with a winner.

Pin the Handbag to the Princess

Pin the handbag on the princess is another great activity to keep your guests occupied. This game works on the same basis as pin the tail on the donkey, but with a girl theme. You should be able to buy this game for a few pounds from the party section of your local supermarket. All you will need extra is a blindfold to make sure their is no cheating going on. A prize is given to the girl who places the handbag closes to the correct point.

Princess Tray

Another game to play at your girly themed birthday party is Princess Tray. For this game you will need a tray, a tea towel and some princess / fairy themed objects ( about 1 for each guest). Place the objects on the tray and let the children study the tray for 15 seconds. Then cover the tray with the tea towel and remove 1 item. The child who can remember which item of treasure has been removed gets a prize. Keep repeating until there are no more items left .

Colouring Competitions

After all the fun and excitement you may wish to have a bit of “calm time”. Have a colouring in competition prepared for now. You can find many colouring in pages on the internet for free. Find one that suits your party theme and download one for each guest. Have some colouring in pencils ready and a protector for the surface that the children are going to be working on. Again you can award a prize to the person who colours in their picture the best.

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