How to Plan Your Daughter’s Birthday Party

How to Plan Your Daughter’s Birthday PartyOrganising a birthday party can seem like a daunting task especially if it is for your daughter. Your number one priority is to make the day as magical as you can. Ideally your daughter and all of her guests should leave feeling like a “million dollars”. So, where do you begin?

Well, follow these simple steps below and you will be well on your way to achieving the perfect party.

Choose a Theme

Some of the most memorable parties are those that have a theme. Ask your daughter what theme she would like for her party. Current popular themes for girl’s parties include Hannah Montana, High School Musical and Glee. Once the theme is selected you can then go about putting the rest of the jigsaw pieces in place for your party.


Approximately one month before your party send out invitations to your guests. Make sure that your invitations include your theme, the date and time of your party and also the location. Be sure to include an R.S.V.P. at the bottom of the invitation. Previously your guest would cut out and return the R.S.V.P. to you, however currently simply including your mobile phone number for guests to text you their response is adequate.

Buying invitations need not be a costly experience. A quick search online will reveal a long list of websites where you can obtain free invitations. Simply find the best invitation for your party theme and download it. You are then free to print out as many copies as you need from your home printer.

Who to invite is entirely a choice for your daughter, however if you are having your party at home it is recommended that you invite no more than eight to ten guests. If you have hired a venue then the maximum number of guests that you can invite will be decided by the venue owners. It is recommended that your party duration is no more than two hours including a break for food. Try to organize your party so that your food break will tie in with either lunch or dinner time.


The key to creating a great atmosphere at your party is the decoration of your venue whether you are holding your party at home or have hired a function hall. Purchase decorations that fit in with the chosen theme for your party. Balloons, banners cardboard cut-outs and themed tableware will all add to the party ambiance.

You can source your party decorations either from a local party ware store or alternatively online. Many large internet based party stores have emerged in recent years. These online stores are often considerably cheaper than their high street counterparts, which is worth bearing in mind if you are trying to organize your party on a budget. EBay also has a large party ware section.


Inviting your daughter’s friends to her party is all well and good, but you must consider how you are going to keep them entertained. Having ten young girls running riot for two hours is a recipe for disaster. The entertainment that you decide on is a matter of personal preference.

Ensure that you hire an entertainer who has the relevant references and police checks. Once you have found an entertainer and made a booking be sure that you receive a confirmation of booking in writing which details the date, time and cost.


You have two options with regards to the catering of your party. Firstly you can hire an outside caterer to take care of all your food requirements. Hiring a caterer is an expensive option, but will free up your time on the day of the party and take away the added stress of catering for a large group of people.

Secondly you can take care of all the catering requirements yourself. This option is cheaper, but will consume a large amount of your time prior to the party. Make sure that you have plenty of drinks at hand for your party guests. At most parties the children get highly excited and do a large amount of running around which leads to them getting especially thirsty.

If you are having the party at home and are worried about spillages and mess be sure to buy cartooned drinks.

Goody Bags

One way to ensure that your party is talked about for weeks to come and is remembered fondly by the attendees is to give out goody bags. Prepare one goody bag for each guest in the weeks before your party. The goody bags can contain sweets and small toys. Handing out the goody bags to every guest is a great way of thanking them for attending.

Remember preparation is essential. Great preparation will ensure that you have every eventuality covered and that your daughter will have a fantastic time. Most importantly it will leave you feeling relaxed safe in the knowledge that everything is taken care of.

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