How to Choose the Right Girls’ Party Theme

Girls Party ThemeSo you’ve got a party to plan for a group of young girls in the near future. It’s a real task to get everything right, isn’t it? Of course before you get started on the party itself, you have to choose a theme to go with. This can be more challenging than you think; which is why we’ve put together some neat ideas to help you in this respect.

Start with the age group

This is the best place to begin. It’s clear a 7 year old will have a very different idea of what makes a great party than an 18 year old, so it’s important to work out the average age of the group that will be attending. Once you know the age group you’re working with you can go ahead and think of some potential themes.

Think of the main guest

If the party is being held in honour of one particular person – let’s say it’s your 4 year old daughter for example – you should choose the theme with them in mind. Perhaps she loves angels and dressing up for instance, in which case a pamper party based around this theme would be ideal.

If the party is a general one (for Christmas or Halloween perhaps) you won’t have to approach it in this way. Instead, think of a theme around the reason you are holding the party in the first place. Christmas and other times of the year provide a theme in themselves, but on other occasions you can be more inventive. If you simply want to have a party to reward your kids for doing well at school or to celebrate the end of the school year perhaps, you can opt for a craft party to keep them amused. This is just one idea of course – how many others can you think of?

Choose something that will engage the girls

If your daughter and her friends are totally enamoured by Hannah Montana or helpless over High School Musical, choosing one of these as a theme will be easy. Alternatively you can think about another activity or interest that would appeal to them.

In a sense, the secret to choosing the best party theme for girls is to look at the clue they will give you – without even realising they’re doing it. If you are in any doubt at all, simply ask them what they like the most. They’ll be only too happy to tell you – and you don’t even have to reveal you’re thinking of throwing a party for them.

As you can see, some advance planning and careful thought is definitely a good idea when you want to pick a good girls’ party theme. There are plenty to choose from so if you have enough time to think about it you’re sure to find the best theme for your needs. Once you have it, all you have to do is plan for it and look forward to the big day!

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