Great Valentines Party Ideas for Girls

Girls Valentine Party IdeasValentines Day is the one day in the year where friends and significant others can show affection to one another but who’s to say that you can’t celebrate this joyous occasion with your girls?  Valentines parties for girls are beginning to come increasingly popular as more women are looking to hang out with their best friends during this time of year.  With the abundance of party ideas available and an ample amount of resources you will be able to create and host the best Valentines party imaginable.


 1.Create “Sweet Treats”

One of the most fun activities to participate in when at a party is baking sweets.  Having themed goodies such as red velvet cupcakes, heart shaped cookies, and cinnamon heart ice cream is a great way to bring forth the theme of Valentines meanwhile providing a fun experience for your guests.  Plus, they will have extra goodies to take home!


2. Play “Who has the Heart?”

The basis of Who has the Heart is simple.  All you have to do is cut out hearts from red or pink pieces of construction paper and then tape them to the bottom of chairs.  Throughout the night your guests will inevitably sit on a chair and whoever ends up sitting on a chair with a heart underneath wins a prize.  You will even have the ability to create themed prizes such as a giant container of candy hearts.

3. Chocolate Tasting

The most important part about Valentines Day is the chocolate.  Purchase several different types of chocolate from the grocery store and melt them in fondue pots.  Allow your guests to dip fun items such as fruit and marshmallows into the different types of chocolate in order to taste decadence and delight.

4. Create Valentines

Valentines are the main aspect of Valentines Day (aside from chocolate) and so create a craft table equipped with glitter pens, glue, stickers, scissors, and construction paper.  You and your friends will be able to create Valentines to pass around at school rather than purchasing them from a  store.  Not only will homemade Valentines add a more personal touch to your gift but it will also be a blast to make!

5. Love Hearts Jar Game

Place a certain amount of Love Hearts Sweets in a glass jar that is viewable from all sides.  At the beginning of the party get your guests to guess how many love hearts are in the jar.  Whoever guesses the right amount will be rewarded with the jar full of sweets at the end of the evening.

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