Great Movies for a Girls Night In

Girls Party Sleepover MoviesThere’s nothing better than having a girl’s night in when the weather is bad or even if you just want to have a couple of your girl friends over for some fun. One of the most mandatory parts of a girl’s night in is a movie! There are an abundance of movies that can make a sleepover far more fascinating than just playing games all night long. With this list of the top 4 sleepover movies you can be assured that everyone will have an amazing time that will never be forgotten!

The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants

The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants is an amazing story for girls aged 10-14 solely because it tells a true tale of friendship. Over the course of the summer, 4 friends go their separate ways and spend their vacation on opposite parts of the world. Unfortunately since they can’t be together, they instead decide to share a special pair of pants, a pair of pants that fits every single one of the girls although they are all different heights and sizes. The pair of pants signifies that their friendship is everlasting and they genuinely help each and every one of the girls to overcoming some trying times that they may have during their vacation. For a heartwarming tale of true friendship, The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants is perfect.


Although the title mostly speaks for itself, Sleepover is an amazing film for any teens who are looking to have a little extra fun. A few girl friends decide that on the last day before summer begins, they will have a sleepover. Needless to say, they end up getting themselves involved in a scavenger hunt all over the city and that’s just where it starts to get interesting. Julie Corky, the main character, finds that she has fallen in love with a boy and he’s a part of the scavenger list and so this movie is full of laughs, tears, and craziness as the girls attempt to finish this scavenger hunt to win the best lunch spot in their high school.

Freaky Friday

Not only is Freaky Friday perfect for teens but it’s perfect for parents as well! With Lindsay Lohan and Jamie Lee Curtis, mother turns into daughter and vice versa…literally. Watch as the movie unfolds as a 17 year old girl is forced to act like her mother and a 40 year old woman is forced to act like her 17 year old daughter after switching bodies from a magical spell put on them in a Chinese restaurant. This movie is sincerely perfect for the whole family, not to mention that there are an abundance of morals to be learned.

What a Girl Wants

Amanda Bynes really wants to meet her father…who just happens to be British royalty. Go on this amazing trip with her to find her father in the luxurious city of London and see just how her life changes before her eyes. After the absence of him in her life, she realizes that it’s time to finally meet the other half of her life and with the amount of plot twists and hilarity, What a Girl Wants is a perfect sleepover movie.

So, if you are looking for the perfect movie for a girls night in or slumber party, you can’t go too wrong with one ( or two) of the above films.  Just remember to stock up on the popcorn!

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