Girls Sleep Over / Slumber Parties

Sleep Over PartiesHow to Organise the Perfect Sleepover Party

There comes a time in every young girls life when they want to have their first slumber / sleepover party.  If you take the time to do some planning, and preparation, you will be well on your way to organising the perfect sleepover.

There are some key elements to any good party.  Food, drink and entertainment are important when you have groups of people getting together, whether it’s just a few girls, or the whole gang! The right environment is important too.  For example, you are more likely to have a successful slumber party if the girls have room to spread out and don’t have to worry about privacy, or making too much noise.  Most kids bedrooms aren’t large enough to accommodate a group of friends comfortably, so you may need to give up the living room or family room in the name of fun.

Let’s get back to food. Everyone knows that sleepover party equals junk food.  While not good for you all the time a little bit of junk food at a party can be rewarding. Have a good selection of treats on hand for all different tastes and appetites.  Crisps and popcorn are always a hit. Try to limit the sweets though, as you don’t want the kids up until 4 a.m. when they finally crash from their sugar high. Pizza is popular with almost everyone and is a lesser evil when it comes to junk food.  It will fill the kids up too, making them snack a bit less.

What about drinks? Again, you will probably want to stay away from the sugar as much as possible, but I haven’t been to a slumber party yet where everyone wanted to drink water.  Splurge for the soda, and look at it as a once in a while treat.  Supply a variety of fizzy drinks and juices, and who knows, you may just find a kid that actually prefer water.

Entertainment is key. You’ll want to have one or two activities planned to keep everyone busy and involved. This will be especially helpful if you have one or more kids that are on the shy side. You may plan a craft, have a few movies for the kids to watch, or they may want to play games. Ask your child before hand what she wants, and have some back ups ready just in case.

A slumber party / sleepover party is a rite of passage for a girl. With the right supplies and some planning, you can ensure that her slumber party will be a hit.

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