Decorating Your Party Venue

“So your pamper party is booked and the guests have been invited now all you have to do is make your venue look the part”

Decorating Your Party VenueYou can really go to town decorating your venue but even a small amount of décor can go along way to improving the overall enjoyment of your pamper party,  weather  your party is in a big hall or just at home.

The obvious place to start is with balloons, pink and white make a nice combination or if you are having one of our themed parties see if you can buy balloons that match your theme. Your local supermarket is a good place to pick up balloons and other décor mentioned at a reasonable price.

If you are feeding your guests at the party then try and ensure your plates, drink cups and serviettes match your party’s theme / colour scheme.  A pink birthday cake stand filled with cupcakes can be the star of the party.

If you are having a High School Musical Party or Hannah Montana Party then the ultimate accessory is a Full size character cut out as seen here:

Lastly consider the lighting of your venue. If you have any rope lights or disco lights at your disposal use these – ensuring that all wires are safely hidden. If you do not have disco lighting available to you the next best thing is the lights you use for Christmas decorations. This may mean a trip to the loft but can really finish your venue nicely.

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