Christmas Party Ideas and Tips for Girls

Girls Christmas PartiesThe holiday season is the perfect opportunity to bring friends and family together for a series of parties and celebrations. If you want to get in on the action and throw a Christmas party of your own, following a few tips can help you be successful in bringing joy and fun to all you invite.

Girls Christmas Party Ideas – Theme

Every good party has a theme. The theme is what everything else is based on and how you can coordinate colours, designs, and even things like food and activities. For Christmas there are a huge number of themes that can create a fantastic party. Some of the most popular are a cookie exchange, trim-the-tree and movie night. A cookie exchange requires each guest to bring a different kinds of cookies (6 for each invited guest) divided into individual bags that can be exchanged during the party. For a trim-the-tree party each guest can provide an ornament (see activities) and throughout the party the Christmas tree is decorated. A movie night is a crowd-pleasing party of refreshments and friends watching seasonal movies. Choose your theme first, it can even just be “Christmas” if you want to be more open, and base everything else around it for a pulled-together party.

Christmas Party Invitations

Invitations should set the tone for the whole party. Making your own invitations is a fun way to create a personalized note to your guests so that they know exactly what is in store. To make adorable and effective invitations choose a Christmas shape, such as an ornament, gingerbread cookie or Christmas tree and cut them out of card. Use glitter and other embellishments to decorate one side and then print out the information for the party onto another piece of paper and glue it to the other side. Make sure your invitation includes the date and time of the party, where it will be held and any instructions for your guests (such as bring cookies).

Festive Food and Drink

A party isn’t a party without food and drinks. Plan to have several types of food that can be eaten easily so that people will continue to have fun while eating. Try incorporating seasonal flavors or decorating your food so that it looks like a familiar christmas item. Sparkling non alcoholic punch, egg nog and cranberry juice are popular, seasonal drink choices.

Christmas Party Activities

Keep your party going with planned activities such as dancing, crafts or your cookie exchange. A cookie exchange simply consists of everyone placing their cookies on a table and everyone picking up a bag of everyone else’s kind. It helps if the bags are labelled so everyone knows what they are getting. For a trim-the-tree party it is fun to make ornaments that will be put on the tree. Before the party cut out shapes from foam, or make shapes using dough and cookie cutters and allow to dry, add holes at the top and hangers and then provide guests with embellishments, paint and glue. Let everyone create their own ornaments then set aside to dry for the rest of the party. At the end decorate the tree. It is also fun during a Christmas party to provide a craft that can be used as a gift. Providing Christmas-themed beads and nylon string or elastic is a great way for guests to make necklaces or bracelets that can later be given as gifts.

Thank You Notes

After your party you will want to thank your guests for coming and participating in your activities. A fun way to do this is to take pictures throughout the party and send one, along with a personalized note, to each guest.

As you can see a Christmas party doesn’t have to be like a party you would hold at any other time of the year. Make the most of the opportunity and give your party a Christmas theme and spread a bit of festive joy amongst your friends.

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