Are You Ready to Celebrate Halloween?

Halloween Parties 2012Yes it’s getting towards that time again when the strange and the spooky are coming out to haunt us! Halloween used to be for the Americans but now we Brits are getting in on the act as well. Since we’re now into October it’s the ideal time to think about planning a Halloween party. After all, it’s still a long time to go until Christmas, so why not enjoy a spooky get together now?

If you’re stuck for some ideas, here are some suggestions to get you started.

Think of age groups

Do you want a party for the kids to enjoy or are you thinking of holding an adult only party instead? Making this decision is at the heart of a good Halloween party, so make sure you know what type of party you want to have. A kids’ party could be very different (i.e. not as scary) as one held with adults in mind.

Plan some games

Games are good for adults as well as for kids, but you might want to pick some different ones depending on who will be attending. Bobbing for apples is an old classic you can’t do without, but there are plenty of other ideas around as well.

Make sure you get everything you need well in advance if you’re going to add games into the mix. For the bobbing apples game you’ll need a good supply of apples (buy them as close to the time as possible) and a large bucket or tub. Other games can be prepared for earlier if need be.

Trick or treating

This is a classic part of every Halloween night, and even if you’re planning a party you can still enjoy going door to door asking for a trick or treat. If the party is for adults only, you can go out with the kids and then get them tucked up in bed before the fun starts.

Don’t forget the food!

Halloween party food doesn’t have to be complicated or difficult to plan on the day. You can make lots of things ahead of time, such as toffee apples, Halloween biscuits and pumpkin soup. It doesn’t have to be a big rush on the day, although you’ll probably appreciate a hand in preparing everything.

Finally you’ve got the decorations to think about too. If you have a front garden you can add some spooky decor to it, such as spider webs and fake gravestones. Be as scary as you like, and don’t forget to have a bucket of sweets at the ready by the front door, in case anyone comes trick or treating at your door.

The main thing to remember is to prepare for your Halloween party or celebration ahead of time. It’s still a few weeks away but now is the best time to focus on making sure you have everything you need for the big night. Oh, and don’t forget those costumes, regardless of whether you are going to buy or make your own!

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