5 Great Party Food Ideas for a Girls Pamper Party

5 Great Party Food Ideas for a Girls Pamper PartyNow that you have begun to plan your girls pamper party determining what type of food to provide is exponentially important. Considering that you will be the host of the party, your friends and family will be expecting you to provide meals and snacks for them to indulge in while they are at your house. There are a copious amount of cute and fun party food ideas that are perfect for a girls pamper party.

1.Mini Burgers

Mini Burgers known as Sliders were originally made infamous by fast food chains in the USA. Essentially sliders are mini hamburgers that are fun and delicious at the same time. This way you will be providing the ability to satisfy your stomachs as much as a regular cookout would meanwhile keeping a miniature and cute aspect to the food that you are serving. All you need is some mini rolls or buns, small burgers and some sliced or grated cheese. You can prepare the cheese and buns before the guests arrive. About 20 minutes before you want to eat simply pop your burgers in the oven and voila! your very own mini burgers are ready. (make sure you have some burger sauce or ketchup at the ready – some guests may even want a mini gherkin to complete their meal).

2. Vegetable and/or Fruit Trays

Providing healthy and nutritious snacks at a function is one of the most beneficial factors that you can take into consideration. It is important to remember that some people may have already eaten for the night or others may just want to cut back on their calorie intake so providing crunchy vegetables and delectable fruits is a good idea. You can purchase fruit and vegetable trays from your local super market or alternatively you can prepare the trays yourself in advance of the guest arriving.

3. Cupcakes

Cupcakes are the best dessert to choose for your pamper party due to the fact that they can both look and taste delicious. You can either make the cupcakes yourself or purchase them from your local grocery store depending on how convenient it is for you. With the right color icing you will also have the ability to tie the cupcakes into the theme of your pamper party. For example for your pamper party you could make some mini lipsticks or shoes to decorate your cupcakes with.

4. Pizza

Pizza is a food sensation regardless of what party your hosting. Pizza is almost universally popular and with the wide array of topping available you will be able to satisfy the appetites of all the girls at your pamper party. With pizza you have three choices: you can either make your own. buy ready made pizzas from the supermarket or order a pizza from you local pizza deliver service. For convenience most people choose the latter option, however this is probably the most expensive way. If budget is your main concern then you will be best of picking up 2 or 3 large pizzas from your supermarket instead. Be sure to check whether or not there are any vegetarians attending your party and buy your pizzas accordingly

5. Bagels

Bagels are a delicious treat for in the morning and at night. With the copious amount of toppings available to put on a bagel you will be providing your guests with an endless amount of options. Also, bagels are extremely convenient and do not make a large mess so it’ll be easy to create, eat, and clean up!

Above are just 5 great party food ideas for a girls pamper party, however which food you serve is only limited by your imagination!

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