5 Great Kids Party Ideas

Kids Party ideasKids are getting harder and harder to impress with birthday parties these days. As your child’s birthday approaches you’ll need to start planning if you want your party to be a success. We have some great kids party ideas for you that are sure to make your next birthday party a hit.

Treasure Hunt

A great kids party idea for the younger set is a treasure hunt. Party materials are readily available at almost any party store. Props you may use for a treasure hunt could be a homemade treasure chest, chocolate wrapped coins, and pirate patches and newspaper hats. Leave clues around the house or in the garden (depending on the time of year and weather)for the children to follow and lead them to the treasure chest.

Hawaiian Theme

Another fun idea for the younger ones is a Hawaiian theme. You can purchase inexpensive grass skirts and lei’s at the pound shop, and the kids can all come in their swimsuits. Kids party ideas don’t need to be complicated, just fun and imaginative! For food you could serve Hawaiian pizza and pineapple juice and play Hawaiian music. Then have a hula contest and watch them laugh!

Craft / Art Party

A fun kids party idea suitable for all ages is an art party. You need an age appropriate craft to do, little ones can finger paint or paint on a small canvas, and older children can do a more elaborate art project with clay or paint on a larger scale. The birthday cake can be in the shape of an artist’s pallet and party favors could be a good set of brushes or art supplies.

Garden party

If the weather permits a garden party is easy and fun.  Set up an age appropriate obstacle party in your garden and set the kids loose. You can also set up a limbo station, have some water balloon fights, and a good old fashioned game of tag will keep everyone entertained and laughing. Serve drinks and cake outside as well for easy cleanup.

Colour Party

A final kids party idea that is suitable for all ages is a colour party. Let your child pick a colour and run with it! Buy party accessories and decorate to suit the theme, and likewise with the cake and snacks if possible. If your theme is purple for example, you can buy grape soda for a drink and keep purple food coloring on hand if anyone wants water or a light coloured drink. Party bags can also be coordinated, and don’t forget to tell your guests to dress in the theme color.

With a little imagination you can make this year’s party perfect. Please come back soon as we will be adding another 5 great party ideas shortly.


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