Preparing your Home for a Pamper Party

Over 90% of people who book one of our parties choose to host the party in their house.

Having the party in your own home has several benefits such as: being cheaper than hiring a hall, allowing you to have all the things you need close to hand and providing you with all the time you need to set up and prepare your home for your daughter’s pamper party – you won’t have this luxury if you hire a hall.

Preparing your Home for a Pamper Party

In this article we are going to take a quick look at the best way to prepare your home for one of our pamper parties.

Party Decor for Your Home

Getting the right decorations for your party venue can add to the guests overall experience and enjoyment.

Firstly you should decide if you want a theme for your party. Does your daughter and her friends like One Direction or Monster High? Or would they prefer a more subtle colour based theme to their party? Once you have decided this you can start planning exactly how you are going to decorate your house.

Whatever theme you go for sourcing your decorations is the same.

Here are just a few places that you can get your party decor from that offer both convenience and competitive pricing:

  • Local Party stores
  • Pound shops
  • eBay
  • Amazon
  • Online party stores such as, or

The following items are great for adding some pizzazz to your home:

  • Balloons (both traditional and helium)
  • Cardboard cut-outs of your favourite pop stars or TV characters
  • Mood lighting
  • Themed party ware such as tablecloths, plates and cups
  • Bunting
  • Banners & posters
  • Pompoms
  • Hanging lanterns

Make an Entrance

We’ve all heard the saying when meeting someone for the first time that “first impressions count”, well the same is true for your party. Ensure you create the right image for your party before the guest have even set foot inside your house.

You can do this by simply decorating your front door with banners, tying balloons to your gate or even placing some fairy lights round your front windows. It’s the small touches that will make your daughter’s party extra special.

Party Food

When it comes to providing food for your guests you have several options. Firstly you could offer a running buffet for the girls to pick at whenever they choose. Secondly you could add some time on to the beginning or end of your party and sit all the girls down together to eat. Alternatively, if preparing food seems like too much trouble, then ordering pizzas to be delivered at the required time is a great solution – after all who doesn’t like pizza?

You can set the food up wherever you choose. If you are planning on having all the girls sitting down together to eat and have a dining table in a separate room then having the food all ready and laid out on the table before the guest arrive is a great option for you that will allow you to focus on the party  when the guest have arrived rather than being stuck in the kitchen preparing food.

If you don’t have a separate room then you can keep the food in the kitchen and get the girls to come and get it from there. They can then sit on the floor in your lounge. If you are doing this then it is advisable to place a mat or some form of covering on the floor.


One of the dangers with drinks is spillages (no matter whether the guests are 4 or 80 years old!). It is therefore advisable to either keep drinks in an area where spillages don’t matter as much like the kitchen or alternatively but cartons or drinks with lids on. The last thing you want is to have to spend money after your party hiring a carpet cleaner to clean up accidental spillages.

Seasonal Party Considerations

It is worth factoring in the time of year when planning your party. If it’s the middle of summer you may be able to hold your party outdoors, but with the weather the way it is in this country you may not know what it will be like until the morning of your party so always have a contingency.

If you are going to hold your party outdoors you will need to think of things such as;  providing shade for your pamper party hosts and guests and also providing power sockets / extension leads to where you want the paper station set up.

Having a party outdoors can also give you the opportunity to offer some different activities for the girls. For example you could do a piñata.

If your party is in the middle of winter and it will be dark when your guests arrive you can take advantage of this by buying some mood lighting / disco lights – or you could get your Christmas lights out and create a truly magical experience.


It is always worth considering worst case scenarios when preparing your home for a party. For example if you have anything of value that can be easily knocked or damaged then it is highly advisable to move it before your party. If you are worried about damage to carpets then invest in some carpet protecting film. Really when it comes to taking precautions common sense is key.

Hopefully the above information should help you get your home set up perfectly for your daughter’s pamper party. If you have any more questions please ask when booking your party.

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