Girls Party Ideas in Hertfordshire

Hosting a girls party in Hertfordshire is an excellent chance to push the boat out. Come rain or shine, you can pull together a blend of family enjoyment and magic to make your little girl’s day special. Girl’s parties occur so rarely in childhood, which means they are well worth the effort you will use to plan them. If you are struggling for ideas, here are a few to get you started.

Girls Party Ideas Hertfordshire

Pamper Parties

Let’s start with the simplest of them all: a pamper party in Hertfordshire. For four-year-olds, this can mean donning a little glitter and nail polish. When it comes to those older girls, you can explore makeup tips and facial makeovers. Not only is a pamper party a great way for your little girl to explore her girly side, she can bond with her friends as she relaxes. There is a bit of a spa element to each of these parties, which can leave your daughter and her friends feeling special. Many pamper party providers in Hertfordshire also offer extra activities, including karaoke and games.

Arts and Crafts Parties

You can host an arts and crafts party alongside or separate from a pamper party. To help this day go off with a little structure—which we all know is hard when it comes to younger girls—organise stations. You can create a colouring in station, one for painting, one for glitter, and another for papier mache. Rotating the children between them, you give them the chance to create multiple crafts that will act as fantastic memories of their special day. Even older girls can enjoy this; you just need to think mature when it comes to the crafts. Instead of the aforementioned stations, create a photography station, one for fashion design, and another for making charm bracelets.

Baking Parties

Don’t worry, you won’t be expected to surround yourself with half a dozen little girls as they fight to get perilously close to your oven. Instead, you can pre-bake most of the goods, and focus on the decoration aspect instead. Some great baking party activities include:

  • Cupcake decorating: Include icing, glitter, and pretty cases
  • Cake pop creations: Place melted chocolate, glitter, and millions on the table so they can make their own cake pops
  • Cookie painting: Create cookies in various shapes, break out lots of different icing colours, and let the girls get painting

When it comes to older girls, you can make the decorating even more elaborate. Let them choose between different flavours, and consider teaching them how to ice cupcakes yourself! Again, a baking party works really well in tandem with pamper parties, as they offer an alternative activity while the girls take a break from having their makeup applied.

Marquee Parties

Few experiences feel more magical than having your parents create a whimsical space inside a marquee for your birthday. Whether you hire a marquee or buy a gazebo, you can decorate it inside and out to create a wonderland for your daughter’s birthday. Lay the initial foundations by choosing fairy lights, lanterns, and organza fabric for decorating the immediate interior. Then make the room comfortable with beanbags, which you can decorate further with pretty fabrics. Add finishing touches based on the age of your daughter and her friends. For example, you may want to throw in castle turrets, hammocks, and even a chocolate fountain. Again, marquees provide the perfect platform for a pamper party. In fact, you can use the one you hire to create a temporary spa space for your daughter and her friends.

Musical Parties

Thanks to shows like Glee, musicals are more popular than ever. Look to the broader West End world and you will see yet more musicals that girls love. There is Annie, Les Miserables, The Lion King, and more. If you want to make your girl’s day spectacular, take the chance to host a karaoke musical party. For one of these parties, you can ask the guests to dress up as any character they like from the musical. Take Grease, for example, which presents the perfect chance for the girls to wear pink jackets. In addition, you can look for games for the Wii or X-Box Kinect that focus on a particular musical. You may even find a lot of musical tracks for free online. If you can hire a karaoke machine and get YouTube up on your television, you can break out pretty much any musical track that takes your fancy.

To perfect your girl’s party in Hertfordshire, consider creating those finishing touches around your chosen theme. For example, if you are creating a pamper party or marquee party, you may want to make pretty mocktails for the guests. Another great idea is producing high-tea-style sandwiches for the guests to munch on. To ensure you get the most out of your day, consider running two ideas alongside each other. As any parent will know, it isn’t hard to keep kids entertained when they are together. However, offering two activities is a great way to make sure the day’s events go off spectacularly.

Girl’s party ideas don’t need to be too elaborate. Once you have the bare bones, all you need to do is make sure everyone is fed and feeling happy. Finally, don’t miss the opportunity to create some memories your little girl can look back on—break out your camera whenever you can, and send pictures to the guests afterwards.

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