How to Find a Pamper Party Provider in Hertfordshire

Whether your little girl is three or just about to turn 13, the chances are a pamper party in Hertfordshire will leave her feeling delighted. Usually, a pamper party provider will customise the day to match the guests’ age. As this is a popular way of celebrating a girl’s birthday, many pamper party providers book up fast during peak seasons. Knowing more about booking a pamper party provider in Hertfordshire is a great way to ensure you choose the right one and get the dates you need.

 Find a Pamper Party Provider in Hertfordshire

See if the Pamper Party Provider Meets Your Needs

In many cases, a pamper party provider will tailor the day’s events to match the age they are catering for. For example, they will offer age-appropriate games, entertainment, and makeup sessions. When it comes to little ones, this can mean Wii karaoke, a bit of glitter, and nail painting. When it comes to older girls, this may mean makeup tips and advice, and makeup that focuses more on the face.

When seeing if the pamper party provider meets your needs, consider how you want your daughter and her guests to be treated. As well as seeing what the provider lists on their website, give them a call to chat about your expectations. Not only is this a great way to determine whether their services meet your expectations, it gives you a chance to see how many children they can cater for, how long the party will last, and whether they can reach your part of Hertfordshire.

Decide Where You Want to Hold Your Pamper Party in Hertfordshire

Once you know whether the pamper party provider meets your needs, you have to select a location. For many people, this can mean staying in the home. However, you do need to consider whether you have enough space in your house. Generally, you need to make enough room for:

  • Your daughter and her guests
  • The pamper party provider (usually two people attend each party)
  • Games
  • Area for food
  • An area for adults to socialise if the children are particularly young

One great option for those who have limited indoor space is to hire a marquee and place it outdoors. However, you should only do this if you are sure of the weather being warm. Don’t worry about rain, because a good marquee should keep that out.

If you don’t have enough space in your house or garden, don’t worry! Hiring a local community hall is another great option. Look at church halls, community centres, working men’s clubs (which often have quiet backrooms, and YMCA buildings. In some cases, local hotels and restaurants will also offer space. In many cases, it is better to find your event location before you confirm a pamper party provider booking. That way, you can ensure both are available before handing over a deposit.

Book Your Pamper Party Well in Advance

Believe it or not, there is such thing as a peak party season. Summer babies are more common than those born in the winter. Therefore, if your little girl was born between April and September, consider booking your pamper party provider well in advance.

When looking at the different Hertfordshire pamper party providers, make a list of a few to ensure you get one during your first round of phone calls. This is a great time saver, and it prevents disappointment. However, what should you do if you are close to your daughter’s birthday and haven’t yet found a pamper party provider? Don’t worry, there is no harm in calling around to see if the provider you want is available.

When you book in advance, expect to pay a deposit. While this may seem like a bit of a pain at first, it is worth considering why that deposit is important. In order for a provider to ensure they can make your date and make money, they need to know they will be paid. Not only does this keep their earnings secure, it ensures you can rely on that date being firmly yours. In UK law, a contract exists when money has been exchanged, unless extenuating circumstances arise. Thanks to that deposit, your pamper party provider is officially yours on the day of your daughter’s birthday celebrations.

Finalise the Details

Once you have your pamper party provider, a space for hosting the party, and a date, you just need to finalise the details. A great pamper party provider doesn’t need reminding about attending the day. However, you may want to call yours a few days before to discuss finer details. Many will tell you what they need in terms of space in advance, but there is no harm in refreshing your memory.

Other great details to finalise are the attendees. When it comes to sending out girls’ birthday party invitations, too soon means people may forget, and too late may mean you don’t have many attendees. Strike the right balance by sending yours out 10-18 days before. Once you have your RSVPs, you can let your pamper party provider know exactly what to expect.

Finally, make sure you have enough food, drinks, and activities to hand. Pamper parties tend to last a couple of hours. Depending on the age of the children attending, you may want to extend this with a couple of other activities. You also need to determine when to serve food, a pick up time for parents, and when to start letting people in. With all the finer details arranged, your pamper party will be ready to go.

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