Halloween Nail Art Design

Prepare your nails

Make sure your nails are ready to be painted. Ensure that they are trimmed and filed.

Once you have done this you will be ready to begin on your spooktacular halloween nail art design that is sure to scare your friends.

Apply a base coat

To make our design as authentic and Halloween like as possible we will use a black base coat for this design.

Having a dark base coat will ensure that our design on top has the maximum impact.

Start creating a “web” effect

Using a white nail art pen on nail brush start painting cicles or squares on to your nail.

Start with a small square or circle in the middle of your nail and then paint bigger ones around it. The amount you can fit on will depend on how big your nails are.

You should now have a spiders web on your nails

Your nail should now look something similar to this.

Repeat this process on the rest of your nails. If you find it a bit tricky painting your own nails ask a friend for help.

Add some finishing touches

This is where we literally make your nail design sparkle (for best results – be sure to let your nails dry before applying this step)

Take a clear sparkle effect nail brush and apply over the top of your design. This small step will totally transform your design.

The finished design

Congratulations you have successfully completed your Halloween themed nail design.

Make sure that you leave you nails to dry before you carry on getting ready for your Halloween party – you wouldn’t want to spoil all your hard work now!

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