Hair Care Tips for Teens

Hair care for TeensTeenage is perhaps the most exciting time in a girl’s life. It is the time when girls start blossoming into young ladies. It is also the time for exciting things like prom nights and dinner dates. Girls become aware of their beauty and start worrying about makeup, outfits and hair care. They love to experiment with their hair and test products like dryers and irons. It is essential that they learn how to take care of their hair in the right way so that their tresses remain healthy and beautiful.


It is absolutely necessary to keep the hair clean and free of dirt and grime. The number of times you should wash your hair in a week depends on the type of your hair. Remember too much of shampooing may make the hair dry and brittle. Split ends may appear and the hair will lose its natural shine.

Always use a mild shampoo and a conditioner. Stay away from products that have alcohol. Young girls are fascinated by dryers and irons. But they must understand that these products have a drying effect on the hair which if used too frequently can damage the hair. Drying the hair with a towel is the best method and irons should be kept for special days only.

Maintaining the hair

Early teen girls often do not take proper care of their hair. Like your skin, your hair is also what you eat. To have a healthy and shiny hair they must follow a balanced diet and take adequate rest. Include lots of proteins in your diet so that your hair gets the nourishment it requires. Veggies and fruits should be included to get the vitamins and minerals your hair need to have that extra shine.

It is important that you oil their hair once in a week and apply deep conditioners to properly nourish their hair. Olive oil or almond oil can be used to massage the hair.

Brushing and combing in the right way is also vital for the health of the hair. While swimming extra care must be taken. Wear swimming caps whenever you hit the pool. Never forget to rinse your hair after you come out.

Styling the hair

Early teen girls should choose hairstyles that require less maintenance and make them comfortable. Surely you do not want to worry about your looks every second while partying with friends? You can always experiment with different hairstyles till you find the right style that suits your face and lifestyle.

With these tips you can enjoy your teen years without worrying about your hair. So go ahead and have fun knowing well that you look gorgeous, always.

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